Thursday, November 01, 2012

LPN: 1-19 Lost Flight 815

Lost Flight 815: As Locke and Boone search for a way into the mysterious hatch they found, Locke has a vision of a small airplane crashing on the Island, and as he and Boone set off to find it, Locke begins to suffer some odd physical difficulties that cause him to loose feeling, and mobility, in his legs. Meanwhile, our favorite con man Sawyer begins to experience blinding headaches, and Dr. Jack is hesitant to treat him. Why is Locke having leg issues? Will he and Boone EVER get into that hatch? Tune in to find out! Deus Ex Machina is the 19th episode of Lost and originally aired March 30, 2005. Join us for Lost: Deus Ex Machina, as we watch the episode and share the audio, our comments and behind the scenes information about one of the greatest television shows of all time. We’re now part of the Lost Podcast Network at! How about giving some feedback on the show in iTunes?