Wednesday, September 26, 2012

LPN: 6-17 - LOST Mirror Moments

Join Ms Wright, Michelle, Janey & many more as we cover the LOST Mirror Moments to "The End". We had a BLAST on this podcast! Word of the night was "Revolution"! Thanks to Michelle. Jo Garfein William Mapother, Cortney Corrwill, Janey, Matt Merdick, Nancy Drew & Matt Hakel for calling in! Thx to Rob for his great MiMos as always & to intern Chris for all your hard work! Also want to thank 803er for being so loyal in the chat! Nelly we miss you when you sleep in, but I am glad you made it at the end! I am so grateful to everyone that comes into the chat to, so shout outs to Wayne aka Caleb, Jay, Ms Flipper, Mr Badd, Bad Wobot, Joe in TX, Tess, & newbees Meg, Maladylis & Amy! Also to the guests that came & went. I also love all of the listeners that download the podcast! LOVE you ALL!! Thanks & God Bless! Stay LOST!!