Sunday, September 16, 2012

LPN: 1-14 Lost Flight 815

Lost Flight 815: Jealousy rears it's ugly head again, this time Michael becomes seriously jealous - and angry - when Walt grows closer to John Locke, and decides it's time to get Walt off the Island. As Michael begins plans to get Walt back to civilization, we learn a lot about Michael and Walt through the Flashbacks that explain the precarious relationship between Walt and Michael. Will Michael succeed in getting Walt rescued? Will Walt WANT to leave the Island? Tune in to find out! Special is the 14th episode of Lost and originally aired on January 19th, 2005. Join us for Lost: Special as we watch the episode and share the audio, our comments and behind the scenes information about one of the greatest television shows of all time. We’re now part of the Lost Podcast Network at! How about giving some feedback on the show in iTunes?