Sunday, May 30, 2010

LPN: 6-17: Galactica Dradis is LOST

Galactica Dradis is LOST: Well, we give you the last regular Galactica Dradis is LOST Podcast. It's number 20 for the episode "The End". We talk about a lot of things including what's in store for us after the show. I apologize about the size of the mp3, as it's 94 Megabytes. I guess that's what happens with a 2 hour podcast. Anyways we had great fun recording and hope you enjoy listening to it. Stay tuned for our last, Orlando's Telemundo Moment of the Week, Kevin's Scott and Steve Award for Best Performance by an Extra, Marty's What Would Colonel Tigh DO Moment and Jeff's Weekly Wilderness Survival Quiz. Let's have fun!

MP3 File