Friday, May 28, 2010

LPN: 6-X: Creative Loafing's LOST Podcast

Creative Loafing's Lost Podcast: Welcome back, fans of the CL’s Lost podcast! On this edition of the Creative Loafing Lost podcast — the last one we will produce — we take a look back at Lost as a now-complete work of fiction and try to make sense of our feelings about one of the greatest serialized TV dramas ever. The crew is beefed up a bit for this finale, with the usual voices of Host Joe, London, Ham Gravy and Fat Jesus augmented by regular contributors Leilani Polk and David Warner. We hope you’ll join us as we reminisce about the last six years of Lost. Lastly, thanks for listening! We have loved doing this show, and I hope you enjoyed listening to them half as much as we enjoyed making them. Keep in touch!

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