Friday, January 29, 2010

LPN: 5-X: Rethinking LOST

ReThinking LOST: t's our spoiler-free Season 6 prediction episode. We've managed to stay unspoiled so far (fingers crossed) - so there's a good chance we're way off base with our guesses for Season 6, but we're very happy to share them with you just the same. In this Episode of ReThinking LOST, Scott and Elton speculate on who we’ll see in Season 6, who will survive to the end, what the first and last scenes of the season might be, what it all might be about, and more. Enjoy Episode 024, and please note that Elton is watching from the UK and won’t see the episodes until a few days after the US airing. We both hope to make it through Season 6 spoiler-free, so please keep that in mind when tweeting us emailing, or posting on our site. Thanks for listening.

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