Friday, January 29, 2010

LPN:6-X: The Lost Revisited Now

THE LOST REVISITED NOW: "108 Questions for Season 6" : TLRNow episode 78, Heath Solo and Ms. Wendy go over their 108 questions list for season 6. Now, they go over the list of 108 Lost questions that Ms. Wendy came up with in 2008. They cross off the ones that have been answered and add the new questions that have been yet to be answered.

They are joined by the boys from Lost Mythos Theory cast, Axel Foley and Aaron also known as A-Hustla. Its a 4 hr podcast but it is jammed packed with theories, predictions and answers. Sit back, relax and enjoy all you need to know to be ready for the last season of LOST. Follw Heath Solo on twitter :

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