Monday, March 30, 2009

LPN : 5-X : The Lost Revisited Now

Lost Ramble On Cast : Podcast #1. Heath & Ms. Wendy have open the invitaion to all their podcaster friends and listeners to join them in a non-formal Lost Round Table for Season 5 discussion. The Ramble On Lost cast will be a podcast every few weeks that brings together all podcasters and fans into one podcast. Enhancing the Lost community.

Heath and Ms. Wendy are joined by : Curt Yanko (Black Rock Podcast), Nancy Drew (Lost Aholics/Black Rock Live), Anna in Indiana(Jacob's Cabin), Donald (Donald is Lost), Mr. Payne (No Payne No Glory), Axel Foley (Lost Mythos Theory cast), Glen (Star Wars Fan), TinyTheBodyGuard and Aaron (Not Claire's son but A-Hustler from Jersey Citee) which is his first appearance on another podcast! Denise (Jacob's Cabin) joins the many redshirts in the chat-room as we explore Lost.

mp3 file