Friday, March 27, 2009

LPN: 5-10: LOST Revisited Now

The Lost Revisited Now: "He's Our You" is the focus this week as Heath and Ms. Wendy discuss Season 5 episode 10 from ABC's Lost. They talk about many issues including Sayeed, young Ben, flamming VWs, $120 glasses of Scotch and bounty hunters. You can find The Lost Revisited Now on talkshoe and subscribe to us on itunes. email us your theories and thoughts :,, and check Ms. Wendy's blog Also be on the lookout Monday for a great Lost Panel, "Lost Ramble On" with Heath, Ms. Wendy, Curt Yanko, Axel Foley, Aaron (A-Hustler), Donald, Anna in Indiana, Nancy Drew, and Mister Payne.

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