Monday, January 19, 2009

LPN: 4-X: Wayne's Take on LOST

Wayne's Take on LOST: Wayne's Take on LOST #18. On this episode of the WTOL podcast, I share some pre-season LOST thoughts, as well as some exciting news for the TIWWH-WTOF podcast (I've got a co-host!)! Daniel, the co-host of my FRiNGE podcast, has agreed to get on skype with me every week to talk about LOST for the podcast. So, on the skypcast episodes, we are going to call these "LOSTcasting With Wayne And Dan". If I do any solo feedback episodes, I'll still post those under the Wayne's Take On FRiNGE banner. Either way, I thank you for listening, and for sharing your thoughts and theories. Please call in your feedback to the show's voicemail at (206) 984-1446 or send email to

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