Thursday, January 15, 2009

LPN: 4-X: No Payne No Glory

LOST Season 5 Preview Show: The now annual right of passage is here!! The No Payne No Glory LOST Season 5 Preview is a comprehensive look back at season 4 and an optimistic look ahead to the new season 5!! Mister Payne interviews Chris and Brian (LOST Unlocked), Jay and Jack (Jack and Jack LOST podcast) and The ODI and Karen (The ODI LOST podcast). A few other interviews also take place via a new segment entitled “PayneSpan.” Other segments include “If This Were HBO,” “Payne’s Peeps,” and a super LOST season 4 collage at the end. You can’t start the new season of LOST without listening to this - BLOW OUT THE BUDGET – season 5 preview show!!

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