Friday, June 27, 2008

LPN: 4-X: No Payne, No Glory

The LOST Season 4 Review Show: his show took forever to post, but it is indeed finally here. It is the LOST Season 4 Review Show brought to you by No Payne No Glory and its' host Mister Payne. On this show are the usual segments: Payne's Peeps, News You Should Know, Who Else Is Talkin' About LOST, and (everyone's favorite) If This Was HBO. Guests being interviewed on this show included The LOST Unlocked guys, Mark for the Not Another LOST Podcast, Big O from the Cranky Fanatic LOST podcast, Wayne Henderson and The ODI! The Hydra Cooler podcast also stop by to make a contribution. This show is jammed packed! Inside this episode you can find out how to win MISTER PAYNE'S MONEY (details inside the podcast)!!! We also take a look at the fourth season of LOST and cover everything from Locke's death to the season 4 DVD! LOST content is scarce right now, so this is a nearly 3 hour comprehensive look back at season 4 of what I believe is the best show currently on television. A ton of hard work and contributions from a lot of great people went into the making of this episode so take a minute to download and listen!

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