Saturday, June 14, 2008

LPN: 4-X: Wayne's Take on LOST

Wayne's Take On LOST: MY WACKY THEORY. Wayne's Take on LOST #14. On this episode, I share my full theory how LOST might have ties to Philip K. Dick's "Maze of Death" novel. Also discuss why there might be so many backwards messages are on LOST. AND, some thoughts on how great it would be if Disneyland would build a LOST land! Please call the show share your LOST theories and I'll include them with a few more of my "takes" on LOST on the next episode of the Wayne's Take on LOST podcast! Call the Listener feedback voicemail at (206) 984-1446. Or, you can email your feedback to Copyright 2008 by Wayne Henderson Voice-Overs at, Creative Commons License

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