Saturday, August 04, 2012

LPN: 1-8: Lost Flight 815

Lost Flight 815: As Shannon battles a serious asthma attack, it seems as if the only one on the Island that can help her is...Sawyer, who Boone believes stole her inhaler from the fuselage. When Sawyer refuses to help, our hero Doctor (Jack) and resident enforcer (Sayid) take matters into their own hands and devise a plan to MAKE Sawyer talk. And, through the awesome Flashback device, we learn a LOT more about our resident bad guy Sawyer. Will our heroes find Shannon's inhaler? Will Sayid discover who attacked him? Tune in to find out! Originally aired on November 10, 2004. Join us for Lost: Confidence Man as we watch the episode and share the audio, our comments and behind the scenes information about one of the greatest television shows of all time. MP3 File