Tuesday, January 10, 2012

LPN: 5-09/10-Bethany Shady interview: LOST Mirror Moments

Part 1:

Join Michelle & Ms Wright as we interview Bethany Shady!! Thanks to Wayne/ AKA "Calab" for suggesting we talk to her. Beth is a blast & was so nice to talk to us for so long! We talk about her appearance in "Namaste", Her novels, Her podcast with Jorge Garcia DIEGO'S SOUL PATCH: An Alcatraz Podcast, and more! We had a ton of fun! Thanks again Beth for coming onto our little LOST podcast! PLEASE make sure to listen to Part 2 where we cover the MiMos in "Namaste" & "He's Our You"!! Thanks!


Part 2:

Join Michelle & Ms Wright for the LOST Mirror Moments in LOST eps "Namaste" & "He's Our You". We have a lot of great MiMos from listeners too. Please make sure to listen to our awesome interview with Bethany Shady in part 1 too!


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