Saturday, April 10, 2010

LPN: 6-11: ReThinking LOST

ReThinking LOST: This week Scott and Elton are pleased to offer you a look over the latest episode of Lost - The Desmond-centric ‘Happily Ever After’. With this turning point of the season the guys try to work out what the ’sideways’ world has to offer to our Losties, does Eloise Widmore know more than she’s letting on? and who, given the choice, would stay and who would go. Confused? We know how you feel. We make some guesses about what might lie ahead, but this episode (as they all are) is Spoiler-Free in terms of the remainder of the season, so listen without worry. Be sure to look back on the LPN and ReThinking LOST feeds for older episodes and please don't forget to send us your entries for our contest "Create a ReThinking LOST promo" We also have the Scott Wonders blog at for some blog posts that supplement the podcast.

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