Saturday, March 27, 2010

LPN: 6-9: ReThinking LOST

ReThinking LOST: Join Scott and Elton as they ReThink "Ab Aeterno" and seek to present an analysis of the episode that differs a bit from what you might hear elsewhere. This week the guys make a strong case for Jacob as an elemental force, propose a new theory about the flash-sideways, defend the integrity of the prison priest, and much more. Our discussion is spoiler-free, as always. Be sure to look back on the LPN and ReThinking LOST feeds for Episode 32 - Emails, Tweets, and a Contest! (released on Friday, March 26) where we shared some of your theories and announced our "Create a ReThinking LOST promo for us" competition and the Scott Wonders blog at for some blog posts that supplement the podcast.