Tuesday, February 09, 2010

LPN: 6-3: No Payne, No Glory

Initial Reaction For What Kate Does: In this episode, Mister Payne and JJ start out with Paynes Peeps, including various emails, tweets, comments, and phone calls received during this last week. Lots of thanks to the people who take the time to send us your thoughts, either on LOST, or on the podcast. The show received tons of good feedback, and they included as much as they could. Then they discuss their initial thoughts on "What Kate Does" during each commercial break of the show, trying not to sound too "dumb" as they pieced together the bits that made up the entire show. To get your thoughts included on the next episode of The NPNG LOST Podcast, be sure to call us at 317-536-3654. You can also email us at LOST@nopaynenoglory.com.

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