Thursday, January 21, 2010

LPN: 5-X: ReThinking LOST

Rethinking Lost: Welcome once again fellow LOST buddies to a Season 6 Spoiler-Free episode of Rethinking LOST . This week Scott & Elton are joined by Ross (Creeping with Armstrong) to discuss the recently released ‘Lost in 8:15‘ video and compare it with the original ‘Seasons 1-3 Lost in 8:15 video‘.The videos are studied to see what is still relevant, what or who’s been left out, and speculate as to why. Hope you enjoy the show.
Want more LOST thoughts, why not check out the all new Things Scott Wonders about LOST blog. If you are new to Rethinking LOST, take some time to explore the older episodes which are all Season 6 spoiler free. Email is always welcome to

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