Sunday, April 26, 2009

LPN : 5-X : The Lost Revisited Now

The Lost Revisited Now : "Lost Ramle On #2" with podcast all-stars.
It is the podcast that brings the Lost Community together all in one place for hours. Podcasters, fans, listeners and friends join the podcast.

Heath & Ms. Wendy are first joined by the Dharma Ladies : Anna In Indiana & Denise from Jacob's Cabin. then the rest of the all-stars join them : Curt from the Black Rock, Nancy Drew from Lost Aholics, , Donald from Donald is Lost, Axel Foley & Aaron from the Mythos Theory cast, Glen (Everyone's favorite Star wars fan), Stefany Mac (Lost Aholics), Tiny The Bodyguard, and some amazing content from James, among many others. Then we get the bottles of MacCutcheon open as Mr. Bill (Behind The Cutting Edge) drops in. Mr. Bill leads a great discussion in the last few hours as they discuss Lost mysteries and they really get into behind-the-cutting edge in the world of Lost podcasting.

If you want to join us on a future Lost Ramble On Cast, email Heath:

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