Tuesday, February 03, 2009

LPN: 5-3: The Lost Revisited Now

The Lost Revisited Now: This week on TLR NOW podcast, Heath & Ms. Wendy examine "JugHead", the 3rd episode of season 5 (of ABC's hit show LOST). They will go through the whole episode and talk about the key lines, answers, questions and talk about new & old theories. They will also dive into "What Wendy Found" and their famous "Lost Alums" segment, Lost actors (and former actors on Lost) they saw in other shows & films. Ms. Wendy will join the podcast once a week as Heath's new co-host to bring over her insight and Lost fandom to the show. Feel free to check out Ms. Wendy's theories at www.mswendy.wordpress.com. Have a theory or want to make a comment? We'd love to read it. Email us your theories and thoughts at thelostrevisited@gmail.com Heath will incorporate your emailed theories during podcasts of The Lost Revisited Now.

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