Tuesday, December 09, 2008

LPN: 4-X: The LOST Revisited Now

The Lost Revisited Now: In episode 9 of The Lost Revisited Now, Heath talks about Season 4 episodes 1 & 2 : The Beginning of the End & Confirmed Dead. Today begins our podcast about Season 4 to get us refreshed for Season 5. The Lost Season 4 Blu-ray is out, so as Heath rewatches this season, he will podcast about each episode. He will do 2 episodes per podcast and he will go over the key points of each show and briefly give an initial reaction. Thus leading to The Lost Revisited Now Initial Reaction show coming in 2009. This is the start to get us fired up and ready for the January 21st Premiere. The Lost Revisited podcast started over the summer revisiting season 1, line by line, scene by scene. And then came the Lost Revisited Now dealing with Lost "In The Now". So grab a seat, chill, and get refreshed on Season 4, Now! Email us your thoughts : thelostrevisited@gmail.com.

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