Friday, May 16, 2008

LPN: 4-11: the JoshMeister's LOST Podcast

the JoshMeister's LOST Podcast: In this episode of the JoshMeister's LOST Podcast, tJM and other LOST fans discuss Season 4 Episode 11, "Cabin Fever."

A show outline with notes on some of the discussed topics is available. Among the topics from this week's episode: Why did young John Locke's choosing the knife make Richard Alpert upset? and (jokingly) What would Christian Shephard wear if he appeared to both Jack and Claire at the same time?

Download MP3 Now! (71 minutes)

Tune in live each week after LOST airs in the Pacific time zone (fans from all time zones are welcome)! Just go to at that time, or call in at (724) 444-7444 and enter 16338 when asked for the Call ID.

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