Sunday, April 20, 2008

LPN: 4-X: Not An Other LOST Podcast

Not An Other LOST Podcast: Hi Atus! Meet Kevin Johnson?

0:00-3:23 Intro (I'm sorry 2008)
3:23-5:08 The island won't let Michael die?
5:08-5:50 Tom is… a… Friendly!
5:50-8:30 Widmore/Linus: someone's lying
8:30-8:57 Bye-bye Karl and Rousseau
8:57-10:57 Greg Grunburgs scale
10:57-15:00 Listener feedback (Oh…rats)
15:00-17:45 My plans for the rest of season 4
17:45-22:56 Spoiler Section! You've been warned!

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