Monday, March 17, 2008

LPN: 4-7: Not An Other Lost Podcast

Not An Other Lost Podcast: Episode 10 Ji Yeon. Add 20s for TalkShoe Ad.

0:00-2:03 Intro
2:03-3:19 A flash back and a flash forward?
3:57-4:50 Zoe Bell appears! And then she's gone.
4:50-5:26 Grindhouse in the ... house!
5:26-7:58 The black box of Oceanic Flight 815
7:58-8:32 Jin learns about the affair
8:32-8:59 Cabin fever
8:59-9:30 Meeting Kevin Johnson….
9:30-10:40 week? I thought we were on a hiatus?
10:40-11:43 Lost vs NCAA tournament
11:43-13:21 Initial thoughts on Via Domus
13:21-14:09 Outro

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