Friday, February 29, 2008

LPN: 4-5: Not An Other Lost Podcast

Not An Other Lost Podcast:

Episode 8: The Constant:
0:00-3:04 Intro (Mark's leaving on a jet plane)
3:04-3:29: Where do I begin?....
3:29-4:26 Desmond loses it on the helicopter
4:26-6:26 Desmond and Faraday reenact back to the Future
6:26-8:05 Minkowski has the sickness
8:05-8:45 Leaving the same way you came
8:45-9:22 More questions!
9:22-10:45 New Black Rock info
10:45-12:22 Desmond calls Penny (tear)
12:22-13:13 Island time vs Freighter time
13:13-15:35 Outro (Mark's brain is full)

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