Sunday, February 24, 2008

LPN 4-4 : The Lost Community

Join hosts David A Dein and Steve "The Goog" Guglich as the unlock the mysteries of Season 4 Epsiode 4 of Lost entitled "Eggtown." Thry discuss Baby snatching (or lack thereof), endure minutes of Locke sympathy, and reveal a spoiler with the proper warning ahead of time. It all cluminates in a wacky theory, that's pretty darn good.

Join in the fun a frivolity by sending Mp3 Comments and E-mails to or call our listner voicemail box at 206-202-3512. Also the invitation is open if you'd like to be on the Lost Community Podcast and you have skype e-mail us and we'll set it up.

Episode 37 - Eggtown