Tuesday, May 29, 2007

LPN 3-22: The Lost Community Podcast

The Lost Community: The Podcast finale episode is here! Join Hosts David A Dein and Steve "The Goog" Guglich as they unpack the Season Finale of Lost! They also welcome speical guests DedJezter, Dark Angel, and Big-O from the Cranky Fanatic Podcast as they come to grips with the flash foreward and Steve shares some really good personal news. We'd also like everyone to Join us Tomorrow (5/30) at 6pm (est) as we get your response to the season finale in a Lost Community Live Rehash (email TLCpodcast@gmail.com for an official invitation). If you can't make it you can still join in by sending an e-mail to TLCPODCAST@gmail.com or by calling 732-564-4763.

Note: Due to episode length the following podcast has been split into two parts!

Episode 26 Part 1